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Shaun Poole 

Inspire Wonder

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My life in music began with the fascination of my fathers very own vinyl record, which he recorded way back in the 1950's, this to me was amazing. He and his talent inspired me to become a musician.

Recording music became my passion after my first taste of a recording studio in 1987, where I played bass in an indie style band. After the band split in 1990 I joined another band as a novice sound engineer where I learned how to mix in a live environment. Whilst learning the art of mixing I enrolled on an IT course to learn how to build and maintain my own music PC, which in those days was very expensive to buy.

Influenced by my brother and sisters disco and funk style vinyl collection as a small boy, disco house music then became a natural progression of my already large genre filled music library.

After my wife and I bought our first home in 1995, I built my bedroom recording studio, writing and recording house music which was played out on a Saturday night at a local warm up bar in Hanley Stoke on Trent.

Ibiza of course was the inspirational island where I was lucky enough to have my music played and a few magazine reviews transpired from this.

All the music that inspired me from my fathers orchestral, classical collections to disco house and chilled Café del Mar style music, had an underpinned sound that pulled me into those genres, which of course was orchestral strings.

I hope you enjoy my music, if you do please let me know. 


Thank you so much for listening.

Shaun and the broadcasta beat team

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